Creative Shamanism 3 year practitioner training 2017 - 2020 Students - Practitioner Years

The training is at Newbold Trust,  Forres,  Moray,  Scotland


You may wish to take this Introduction to Creative Shamanism week before you begin this training. 

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 March 2018

4 - 10

10 - 10

10 - 4

The Introduction to Creative Shamanism weekend takes you through the philosophy of circle which underpins this work. You will be taken inside shamanic practice, become familiar with journeying,  reading signs, omens,  seeing the world through spirit and ego eyes and will become acquainted with the idea of life as a theatre. Straight away we will step into the idea of life being a communication system which reflects back our inner stories to us and begin to read the information of our lives through shaman eyes.   Creative Shamanism will be explained as a practice which seeks to empower the knowing in everyone (the word shaman meaning she or he who knows) and we will begin to explore the many different facets of creative shamanic expression and practice with them.  We will look at healing (to make whole) as being about allowing everything to have its place and to be able to live its true expression and will begin to see ways to bring this back into being in these times.  You will set off on an exploration of your own knowing and soul's natural expression journeying through six months of working with the moon cycles.  The importance of the natural cycles and its facilitating processes and guides will become apparent and bring much medicine and healing.  There will be opportunities to work in pairs and as a group to experience the power of intention and deep listening. Furthermore we will liaise with the spirits of the land and the stars to open up important gateways and alliances in the cosmology of life. 

You don't need any previous experience of Shamanism to take the Introduction weekend,  but there will be a system of assessment for students with no prior experience who apply for the full 3 year training.

This weekend is £350 and includes full board and accommodation.  A £200 deposit is payable to Carol Day on booking.

Yr 1 - Cycles of Knowing





  • 20 - 23 Oct 2018 Power and the Cycle of Knowing
  • 16 - 19 Feb 2019  Rites
  • 8 - 12 June 2019  The Great Soul Restoration Project

Power and the Cycle of Knowing takes you into the concept of power and the importance of the initiation cycles in this work. We will work with the knowing of the shaman and of all beings and will begin counsel work listening to the multiplicity of voices and expressions in the many fields of existence.  You will open up your shamanic nature and claim your power right from the start! Rites is a powerful and wonderful training which takes you into the heart of the cycles of creation right from the birth of the universe. 

The Soul Restoration project introduces you to the concept of soul loss and teaches the retrieval of soul from many different angles. You will be guided to work with a clear method to begin with and keep your practice simple. However, your practice of soul retrieval will greatly evolve through the duration of the training!  You will be guided on a clear method to check you have everything in place to practice with confidence and safety and provided with your own self-assessment pack which I will shadow you with. 

You will choose 2 books to read which you think will help your development  from the reading list.

Yr 2 - Theatre of Light


  • 19 - 22 Oct 2019 Healing Light: Extraction and Transmutation 
  • 29 Feb - 3 Mar 2020  The Light of Death and the Holding of Life
  • 23 - 27 May 2020   The Storyteller and the Player 

This is the year where the practitioner in you really comes to life.  Skilful methods of holding space for people,  keeping your self clear,  understanding programmes and keeping within the wholeness template in shamanic work are taught to you.

Healing light and extraction teaches healing with spiritual light and bridges extraction core methods with transfiguration practices that are becoming more prevalent and necessary in contemporary shamanic practice  The second workshop teaches psychopomp work,  holding the living who let go of their loved ones and models and processes for the healing of grief.  We journey deep into the Spirit of the Land to look for the temples transmitting the mysteries of death and an important initiation is completed for everyone here.  

The Storyteller and the Player module takes your practitioner skills to a whole new level when we bring in the theatre and bardic crew of guides and begin to restore the mythological as well as the human levels of life.  Creativity really opens up at this point and the shaman in you begins to come onto the full stage. We have ceremonies for the inner shaman and much merging with spirit brings a great and lasting change.  

Case studies are required for this year of the training.  4 books are also chosen by yourself from the reading list.


Yr 3 - The Map and the Path



  • 15 - 19 Aug 2020  Middle World Restoration
  • 31 Oct - 3 Nov 2020 Land Healing & The Orienteer
  • 3 - 6 April 2021 Ceremonies with the Ancestors & Graduation

Year 3 is a very advanced level of shamanic practice.  By this stage your confidence is strong and you will find yourselves more in tune with the healing power of the circle and the sense of being a part of something very magical and much more beyond what you could ever have imagined.  Life can become the supernatural experience you knew it to be as a child again. 

Middle World Restoration is vast. We go into looking at the factors that block someone from fully taking their identity and power.  We explore the archetypal and ancestral banks to bring back soul,  learn the craft of de-possession from a compassionate place,  work with a crew of disentangling guides to change programmes and undo contracts,  curses and beliefs from different lifetimes and through ancestral lines.  We access a real powerhouse of strength and love in this workshop.

Land Healing and the Orienteer focuses on healing projects with land and place and invites nature to be even more our teacher.  In this penultimate workshop we set up a manifestation programme with the guidance we have received about our soul purpose through the entirety of the training.  We work with the descendants to set our course forwards and embark on a two month programme with another student as we begin to simultaneously be available for shamanic mentorship work.  We learn the craft of shamanic coaching.  We receive guidance on how each person is uniquely endowed to bring our work with individuals,  groups,  communities or places into the world.

The final meeting is graduation.  For this we bring in ceremony after ceremony working with the ancestors and learn about healing the ancestral lines.  We call throughout the shamans and medicine men and women of our heritage and they provide the blessings for the graduation.  We tap into the shamanic theatre practice again to bring our Ancestral Guides into the ceremony and impart guidance and empowerment for each of our peers.  In the closing of the programme we belong ourselves deeply with our roots and step into the world with the calling of those who come after us.  

There are case studies for the first 2 elements of this year required. Two more books are chosen for reading.  A presentation of your final vision is required for the graduation workshop.  



The cost for the Introduction weekend is £350.

The cost for each year of the 3 year training is £1650 and may be paid in 3 instalments of £550.  

The cost is fully residential and  includes full accommodation and meals from lunch on the Saturday to lunch on the Tuesday or Wednesday.  (One course of each year has a Wednesday finish. The other two are a Tuesday afternoon finish.) There is an initial non-returnable payment of £300 which is paid on acceptance to Carol Day.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of this training and for application questions and information. 


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