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Training in working with Story as a Shamanic Craft

Training in Working with Story as a Shamanic Craft 



Workshop dates:  

Saturday 12 August 10 - 9,  Sunday 13 August 2017  10 - 2

The brief for this training is simple and clear:  to deliver a story course which can reconnect men and women to their true wild nature and help us to understand ourselves better through the impressions of the feminine and masculine archetypal forces.  The training is to help these forces in nature and the wheel of time to be felt and honoured.  It is to let them be and it is to be educated by their patterns and be gently shaken back into tune with them again.  From this will come a greater knowing and allowing of expression and an understanding of how to communicate our true stories more freely.

The training is also to make sure that  we are free to understand the feminine and masculine archetypes and then find out how we relate with them,  how they are innate in each of us in these times.  There is a lot of struggle in what we have inherited as a psyche for the times in the way these forces have been imprisoned and tainted with negativity.  There is a strong story element to this training to help to see the places in the year where the archetypal play might be felt as a real energetic which can bring problems for each of us.  The stories we weave with will help us to explore and free ourselves from some of these scripts.

This course is the Summer,  Autumn and Winter scripts. It deals with the Fire, Water and Earth elements in the Medicine wheel,  although we cover all 4 of the seasonal elements in the story we explore.  We will be working with the Archetypal wheels of the feminine and masculine light and shadow roles.  With the help of the wheels and intitiatory diagrams we will explore how story can help to locate and then unpick us from the unconscious drivers of our karma.

The story we are working with is Briar Rose - or The Sleeping Beauty.  This story has been the one I have tracked for the last 2 years and its metaphors are profound in terms of awakening the truth and restoring balance in relationship.  The course has a strong teaching element of creating story through words,  picture and theatrical means.  The stages of the book will provide material for sub-story and individual characterisation to be revealed and created. 

The course begins on 12 August 2017.  

The cost is £500 for the 5 months.  It includes 1 workshop, 2 X 75 minute individual story constellation sessions and a monthly individual email check in mentoring and tutoring points.  I am also available for emailing response to questions as you go along. You are free to use any of the material from the course in use with your own clients and groups.  

To receive the information pack on this training please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Event Properties

Event Date Saturday, 12 August 2017, 10:00 am
Event End Date Sunday, 13 August 2017, 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Individual Price £500.00
Location Kilgour house Falkland
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