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Swan Riderthe little red drum School of Creative Vision was founded by Carol Day in 2009 and is based on the beautiful Falkland Estate in Fife, North East Scotland, UK.    It is the shamanic school in the wider Centre for Creative Vision. 

Creative Vision teaches that being shamanic is quite simply a connected and creative way of being. It is how we naturally are. The tools and practices of Shamanism help to restore your true creative nature and interconnectedness with the spirit of all things. Visionary work focuses essentially on listening, working in circle and allowing everything to have its true place as a way of facilitating healing flow.


People are drawn to Fife from all parts of the world to study on courses, participate in ceremonies and to work one to one in individual sessions - in person or via skype. With lots of fun, play and deep connection a natural, creative and inspired way of being is re-established. This is what restores harmony, vibrant health and fulfilment to lives!



"Carol Day is an extraordinary, innovative and gifted shamanic practitioner and teacher. She brings in the power of love, compassion and creativity to all of her work. She will take you deep into the unseen worlds and provide a rich and meaningful experience for you."


Sandra Ingerman

author of 'Soul Retrieval' and 'Medicine for the Earth'


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