There are different options for Foundation training in Creative Shamanism through 2017 and 2018. There are two online courses which can be taken anywhere in the world.  and  a year course with 4 elements which begins in Fife, Scotland in November 2017.  The Foundation Year for the 3 year training is included with the 3 year training. If you choose to join the 3 year training after doing the Foundation by one of the other routes you will need to join at the third workshop in Yr 1.

Wheel online  (closed now) 

Moon Tree online Foundation Year

A year course working with the tree and moon cycles and the principles of creation.  This is the Moon Tree Creative Shamanism on-line Foundation course! I have run this course previously as Creation and Drum. It is an amazingly esoteric Foundation training working with the Mystery school of creation. The trees and the moon cycles will be your guide. It is trly a manifestation course and a course to really engage you with the practice of working with nature to bring positive change and healing into life. Your life will never be the same again once you are anchored with the safe and constant cycle of the moons and their guardian trees.  

This is how the course is structured: First you will receive the introductory literature which includes a wealth of tasks and information. You will receive this as soon as you sign up for the training. I will run a skype group training in September which will take you through this.

Then you will recieve 4 sets of literature. This will be in 4 phases as below. We will check in by email individually at the end of each moon cycle. There are 2 group skype sessions per phase. You have one Tree Moon Circle of Light individual session with me lasting 75 mins each phase and an individual check in by skype at the end of each phase.

Commences 19 October 2017.  £800 (payable in 4 instalments of £200)

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of requirements for joining the  Moon Treel Foundation year.

Cyclical Foundation Course, Kilgour House,  Falkland Estate, Fife,  Scotland

Year 1 lays the foundations.  It sets the course for secure and deep shamanic practice.  You learn about the many different ways to access the divine pool of shamanic consciousness and develop a robust and confident range of ways to connect with inner knowing and shamanic guides.  You build sanctuary,  learn the importance of building a safe place for yourself beyond all stories and begin to navigate the different realms of birth, life and death.  The cycles lead the way.  

As you come into alignment with the cycles of the sun,  moon and earth and the universes beyond,  much drama and information is dislodged. You begin to understand how to work with stories,  see the importance of ceremony and rites of passage in managing creative flow and healing and plug in with nature and the idea of your own innate nature.  The trees and other earth belongers are brought to life as you learn how to merge,  shape shift and find the preferences from the perspective of the different keepers of the planet and cosmos.  You begin to find your place and role as a human shaman.  You begin to better accept the great unknowing aspect of initiation cycles and gather more ease with the nature and the path of the shaman.  You understand how the elements of nature and the medicine wheel are really you and through extensive journeying,  communicating, listening and persistent crafting,  learn how to unleash the forces of the elements within you and get advance knowledge of your strengths and medicine.  

The first 2 workshops involve 2 sun cycles and then 2 moon cycles of course work which helps you to develop an understanding of your own soul nature and set up a container for your work and play.  Body of Light incorporates material from Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth teachings and opens up transmutation practices and the understandings of how wholeness is already with us,  we just need to work hard to modify our belief systems.  You will also learn the craft of power restoration as part of this training.  Carousel is a beautiful shamanic retreat where we go through the rites of passage since the beginning of creation and much healing and flow is restored as we complete certain initiations we had not realised were still open in us.

Case studies are required for the Power Retrieval element.  2 books are set for reading.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of requirements and an application form for joining the Cyclical Foundation year.

£900 payable in 4 instalments of £200 with an initial payment of £100 payable on acceptance.





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