Creative Shamanism 7 part practitioner training 2019 - 2020 Students - Practitioner Years

The 7th Creative Shamanism training travels a new direction.  I am taking the next training to Forres in Moray,  Scotland. I will be based at Newbold Trust.  The training commences in May 2019. 


You will need to take 2 of the Intro workshops before you begin this training.  These will qualify you for beginning the training. The  Introductory workshops are Introduction, Theatre, Spiritual Commitment and Rites or any of the previous trainings you have taken with me.  Spiritual Commitment is compulsory for acceptance.   I am only taking people to Creative Shamanism Practitioner level who show a clear commitment after doing initial training with me. 

Creative Shamanism is a contemporary conception of shamanism which I have developed from years of studying the creative process,  watching how people learn and from training with a wealth of shamanic teachers and psychotherapists.  My knowing is that Shamanism cannot be taught.  It is an innate ability.  However,  the conditions for fostering shamanic abilities require experienced and firm handling and direction from a clear and spirit guided shamanic teacher.  People who come to shamanic training can then learn through an experiential and instructional platform to become practitioners with depth and awareness of their own unique gifts and edges.  From my own experience and journey I know that learning how to hold the human is as crucial a part of the training as the shamanic element.  As a trained psychotherapist and an educator with over 25 years of experience in working with people and developing human and nature based curriculums I am confident that the training you receive with the Centre for Creative Shamanism will equip you to be a first class creative practitioner in Shamanism.  

I also have found that students need to be given the opportunity to align with the natural cycles and join the fellowship of the other beings of this planet. It is only when we acknowledge our place within the whole and hold awareness of the spirit of all the other members of this earth community and beyond that healing and restoration of wholeness can meet its true power and potential.

I have been guided to hold inclusive trainings and give people time to integrate the process over three or more years. My own training took several years with many teachers. Creative Shamanism takes you initially through a deep process of alignment and connectivity with the web of life. It directs you out of a linear polarisation and pulls you into spiral consciousness. It shows you methods and preferences that will help you to change your focus from feeding unhealthy habits and story lines to freeing your soul’s true inclination and setting loving and vibrant boundaries for yourself and others.

All of the sessions are held in circle. Circle is another area which I highlight. We have lost the ability to heal some some of the biggest crisis material of our times because we have forgotten how to weave with the power of the circle. The nature of duality and the war within bodies, couples, families, communities and countries that can generate from this dual state needs more than its members to hold space for it. The power of the circle heals. The circle heals because its sum is greater than its parts and there is a magic inherent in its infinity and its healing gaze. The secret of the circle is something you will learn about too, and something you will carry as a model out into your communities and your life. If you are one of the people who is meant to join the Creative Shamanism course this time, you will find the circle which gathers for the 3 year training will be the template of resonance and power that you have been waiting for all of your life.

My brief as a facilitator has been to work with the idea of theatre. We work with this model closely in years 2 and 3. Everything which manifests in our lives is an invitation to see and open the imprint of our karmic nature. Every script which happens is happening for us and not to us. Seeing this is one of the best teachings we can give to ourselves. Everything is an opportunity to unlock drama and change programmes. When we are able to see how situations will repeatedly psychodynamically be played out through us as human and spirit systems we finally come to our place of natural power.  Once we can click with the ways of the theatre we can do much to disentangle ourselves and others from the powerlessness and strain we may have been experiencing. Shamanic theatre and constellating play work will be some of the methods and trademarks you carry out into the world if you choose to train with Creative Shamanism.

The way of the world is changing. The methods we have in place as Shamanic practitioners will be outdated soon. We are being called by the world to step out of control and mind-organisation and to move instead to a place of deep listening and allowing. Creative Shamanism is designed to help you to develop the ability to listen, to attune the connection you have with your spirits, to trust the guidance and ideas which come to you and to unleash your unique way of awakening an authentic, positive and creative vibration everywhere you go.

Shamanism isn’t a job. It is a way of being. Being Creative isn’t just about expression. It has an order and a flow to it which is inherent in all parts of life.

Creative Shamanism will help you to hold this way of being and anchor you with the true and dependable patterns of nature. Through these simple alignments you will birth both a powerful creative and shamanic practice and a more magical and wholesome you into the world.

Creative Shamanism Foundations

You will need to take 2 of the Intro workshops or previous other trainings with me, before you begin the Practitioner Training.  These will qualify you for year one.  (The Foundation level workshops are: Introduction, Theatre, Spiritual Commitment and Rites).  Spiritual Commitment is compulsory for acceptance.   I am only taking people to Creative Shamanism Practitioner level who show a clear commitment after doing initial training with me. 

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Introduction to Creative Shamanism 

The weekend course in Creative Shamanism is open to everyone.  It is a great course to learn about the ethos of Creative shamanism and ignite the spark of the creative shaman within and without.  You can use this training to inspire your creative work with groups and individuals and as a support to finding your own creative integrated practice of connecting with yourself, nature and the world. 

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