Carousel  2015

As Francesca said "last year was the gate that would not open - this year was the bottle which would not fill!'

Here she is laughing before she found another bottle and another way.  Thank you to Francesca for her amazing support holding the space for this year's Rites of Passage workshop.  

The power and transformation of the retreat this year blew me away.  The spirits of the land were on for huge projects.  The members of the circle presented themselves willing for change and the themes and tasks had almost uncannily downloaded from spirit ready for the movement which would occur.

In particular I found the Leaving Home Constellations moving, undoing and profound.  I want to personally thank Vivienne C for the part she played in this.  

 The Walk up the Waterfall for the Three Stages of Woman Pilgrimage and Ceremony was playful and deep.  

And we were totally blessed by the birth of Ruben of Kilgour House on the workshop morning. We sang his welcome to the world!  Congratulations Chase and Andrew the new mum and dad! Andrew did an amazing job of cooking for us all in the glow of his new dad sleepiness!  

The group has reported significant feelings of peace and stability since they walked through the initiation cycle of this retreat.

So grateful to you all and for your fun and focus.  Thank you Roberta for the amazing photography!




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