This weekend was the graduation ceremony for the second group of trained Practitioners.

We were blessed with the presence of Storm Desmond.  We worked with the wind sprits and the stars on Saturday night at a powerful ceremony where we worked to part the clouds to reveal the stars. It was a powerful moment for the new practitioners to feel and see the effects of their focus and skill in partnering with the elements and bringing the stars out to full view for the duration of our focused drumming.  It certainly goes down in my book as one of the most special shamanic moments I have shared.

Lots of focus was on making sure the Practitioners left with sacred and pure space to take to their clients and practice.  We really made sure the timeline of the 3 years was tended to and left peaceful and complete.  

There was a morning of shared healing for our shadow characters and this was deep and moving.

It has been such an honour and a gift to have worked and played with this group.  I am looking forward to being shamanic peers!  :)  Carol 



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