February 5 - 7th 2016

I have had a profound time with the Creative Shamanism II Training group this weekend with the Moon and Cycles module.

It was the moon who started me off on my Shamanic intentional path of observing the ways of healing 15 years ago. It was the Moon who set me up in my first Moon group workshops 9 years ago. I have written a year long training and book about working with the cycles of the moon and have worked devotedly with the moon in my personal healing projects. I love the sun too and the earth, and all the stars and planets, but there is something about the amazing connection I feel with this loyal satellite and traveller that opens my soul up profoundly to how everything works and weaves. I feel this understanding more than in any other relationship in my world. Every time I revisit her ways through workshops and trainings, deeper connections are made.

Thank you to the brilliant practitioners in training this weekend for making this training so powerful and strong. I am privileged to be working at this depth on only the second meeting (and the first for one of you!). Something mysterious and dimension changing occurred over these last 48 hours. The Moon's Temple was opened in the Hidden Place.

In this workshop, the depths of devotion were excavated through some beautiful pieces of work. In particular, it was exciting and revelatory to explore the psychodynamic aspects of attachment theory in parallel to the moon and earth's holding pattern. Through group constellating and individual journeying, we were able to bring freeing and love into the core of our experience of primary relationships.

When I graduated from one of my Shamanic trainings, the message I had was clear that in my main body of Shamanic work I was to work with healing the myths and the human experience through theatre. It is only now, with my own mistrust of following any other laws than those of the natural cycles and the orders in nature that I have tapped into an almighty trust in a supreme holding that goes beyond what I might ever have imagined possible. By bringing these relationships and laws into the everyday theatre of human relationships and experience I am finding out how the theatre of the heavenly bodies is the true power of the archetypal strength. I am understanding what this guidance meant. We just have to place the 2 together - the human compromised holding experience as it has been felt and the natural relationship of our earth with its solar family and beyond - and then let the true holding reveal the gaps and bring in the medicine too. This restores connection within. We can reactivate our archetypal strength. We can each find our places in the universe. We can become true co-creators again.

Thank you Moon. Thank you to the guys in the Creative Shamanism group who brought their Moons to find this weekend. Through this search to find order together with the moon as our guide, we found one another.



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