It is Summer Solstice.  I am feeling the longness of the day and the gift of the light.

Solstice times can bring profound material to the surface for illumination.  Anything that is hidden away in the depths of not wanting to show itself can start to reveal itself in the patterns of our life.  We can feel ourselves in some strange scripts around these times.  Violence and illness can escalate. The darkest and the lightest times bring the suppressed and difficult material up like the blood brings boils to the surface of the skin.  Sometimes it can be hard to like ourselves or others as that which begins to surface can murky the waters.  

One of my main guides is Athena the Greek Goddess who is the patroness of the City of Athens. Athena has many qualities she is known for.  The Goddesses and Gods are frequencies of the archetypal forces.  Athena comes to me as the schemata behind the vision.  I feel her as a kindly force that shapes my writing and the courses I am inspired to write.  She is the female wisdom and ability to structure and plan.  She comes from fire as a daughter of Zeus but has a pragmatism to her.   

What we are really called to be in these times as well as being impeccable focusers on positivity and right action are engineers of structures that can return the world to a balanced and loving place again.  We have to remember that we are laying foundations right now for future generations.  There is quite a lot of digging,  weeding and ground work.  The main piece of my work has been to excavate the temples of the shaman and balancers of the world through all times and build alchemical chambers for listening to and helping to release and heal the material that has built up in the human psyche over the years.  This is the Theatre and Museum that features as a metaphor and as powerful structures we work with in the unseen worlds in Creative Shamanism.

One of the things we can do at the Summer Solstice is to see these sites and places awakening in the land close to us. These places are everywhere on earth. As an inhabitant of Dragon Hill in Fife, my land is a powerful beacon at this time of year.  The dragon energy is strong and it helps with the transformation and dissolution of strong patterns.  The Dragon myths forge power,  they foster courage and they bring the sense of law and order.  When I have journeyed with the Cailleach, the Goddess of the Land here and another important archetypal frequency she has appeared to me as the Dragon and the Ancient wisdom of the feminine too. 

And the best alchemist of all is the sun!  At the Solstice Festival of the sun we can send our interesting plots and the bits that make us want to fight or flight into the heavenly body at the centre of our solar system and with a positive intention for healing - just let go. In the morning when traditionally the sun God dies,  the metaphor is that he will take the material into the underworld and then will continue to keep an eye on us from the other side.   Life will be calm and balanced for the Summer in the arms of the growing Goddess and much blessing will flow to the fruits of our labours for the Autumn festival.  

Ask Athena for a help in structuring your vision this Summer.  Call the Sun Priests and Priestesses to help you with a ceremony with the sun.  Ask the signs to take you to these temples close by you on the earth.   You can do this any time over the next few days.  

Happy Summer Solstice time!  :) 



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