September 2016

We had an interesting experience at the training this weekend when the field next door to our school happened to simultaneously host a sweat lodge for 2 nights with a lovely shaman from Mexico.

What we didn't know at the time was that the address used on the invite was the same address as the little red drum school!

This day, we were looking at the theme of soul stealing and the importance of clear identity and standing in ones authority etc. Here we had a real life situation of one shaman space being accidentally claimed by another. Honestly, you wouldn't believe how many fields there are in Fife. The chances of this happening! A real life healing story and experience was about to emerge for our group.

In the next field, the shaman beat her drum. I spent the night in the caravan being lifted by spirits. I had a multitude of dynamic dreams. When I awoke the next morning it was clear that we would have to do a piece of work.

What I have been really considering through the workshop and sharing with this amazing team of Creative Shamans who are in the training, has been my spirit guidance that I need to claim my teacher role and at the same time make sure I am not misunderstood and claimed by hierarchical interpretations.  For myself, the word Educator has always felt so much more of a match because it fits Creative Shamanism's ethos that the shaman is the innate nature of everyone. The work of a shamanic training is to help, as education means, to draw this innate nature out. The Mystery Schools of old would provide experiences and initiatory tasks to enable a series of openings to bring the shaman nature through in a person and into life.

The whole version of the shaman being a healer to look up to or being brought in to be a show has never fitted the Creative Shamanism remit. Creative Shamanism has an ethos which sets the work as being about encouraging the growth and elevation of the healing,  vital, innate spirit in everyone.  In the School of Creative Shamanism there was a different ethos in the field and the ethos in our circle.  We listened to our spirits, looked at constellation systemic orders on this and reflected on the different systems of life and how maybe an egalitarian system of allowing a process to unfold and valuing information from a multitude of angles might not be necessarily understood or even be visible through other spectrums. Who knows.

The piece of work we did to make sure there was no mistaking identity and there was a clear setting of the identity and way of the little red drum in this place and on this land, was to journey to our soul's purpose and to the light that we each are. It was to journey to the little red drum which is the spirit of the ancient red ochre drum of the ancient people, buried with them, the blood of life, the pulse of eternity, the eternal circle, the symbol of interconnectedness and harmony before walls and hierarchical systems were built. The little red drum is also the humble heart. It holds the vision that if we listen to everything and create spaces to allow everything to be itself, if we go with the way of circle, we allow a true resonant wholesome shape to come back into being. We journeyed into that through our own resonant pulse and inner knowing of how we feel our way in this world.

The Teacher in me had to stand up to set the task. The Teacher in me claimed the model, her place and knew the order she was here to protect and maintain. But it was only through everyone in the circle connecting to their own power and truth and respecting the truth and power of one another and all of the other students and graduates in the school of the little red drum and the power of our friends (and teachers) the spirits of this land that this could become a powerful and authentic statement of the soul of a movement that is Creative Shamanism.

In that circle drumming with no power over, only power with and in this circle drumming truly listening to the heart of everything we merged with a vision of oneness and solidarity I have dreamt of every single day since I set up the practice.

What a soul restoration and claiming of a way the end of this workshop became.





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