On the eve of the Winter Solstice as we go into the darkest and longest night, here is a meditation and inner theatre journey idea for you to use to bring love and integration into your hearts and into the heart of the world.

I have been really thinking about harshness and non-inclusion as some of the themes which 2016 especially has brought through. I have been noticing how close to the surface the place of transformation has been for clients and students I have been working with over the last couple of months. I have also been aware of the wall of hopelessness that has been presenting.

Listening to my spirits and journeying and watching the signs around me to see what is coming forward, I have been receiving messages for a journey to the underworld at this winter solstice time. 

My year has been very much a year of opening up the spaces inbetween: a rejuvenation and restoration of the shaman spaces. The journey I made this morning was with the Reindeer Warrior Goddess Arje who showed me the plug in the lower worlds. She showed me the programmes of fear and punishment which were in place about being able to live our passion and access the power of our lower world nature. (You can imagine burning in the fires of hell, damnation, the hierarchical arrangments of belittling what is seen as 'lower', the fear of darkness and night, the unappreciation of Winter etc as just some of the things in place to keep the power and access to this special place at bay).

I was given a journey to suggest to everyone who wanted to journey at the solstice time which would support the opening to the darkness and also the releasing of the habits of the past. The rose is the medicine of power in this journey.

Rose of Winter Solstice Meditation and journey

Choose a drumming track or a piece of meditative music and after reading the below take yourself on a journey to the inner theatre and the lower worlds.

On this Eve of Winter Solstice, call in all of the guides and midwives of Winter. Call in the four directions, the elements and the guardians of the energetic bodies. Ask for a balancing. Call in the stars and the star people, call the spirit of earth and the sun and the moon. Acknowledge your place in it all and the gift of this life you have taken. 

Call in the spirits of the medicine wheel and the central axis and ask for an orb to be around your space and for it to hold the energy for your journey and blessing this evening. Thank all of your ancestors and the spirits of the land where you live. Ask that a grove of trees appears around you and that it incudes absolutely every tree there has ever been and ever will be. Know that these guardians anchor and hold the space and act as filters and as bringers in of whatever is needed. Everything that could ever be required by anything which comes through in your journey this evening will be provided for.

Now set off on your journey.

Follow the beating drum down a country lane which leads you surprisingly to a little theatre off the track. Go to the door and enter. You move through the vesitbule to a door which opens to the back of the auditorium. The auditorium is long and vast and down the long aisle you can see a big stage. You move down the aisle and smell the familiar scents of the theatre and feel an anticipation. You notice there is someone on the front row who stands up to meet you. It is the Director. You say hello and shake thier hand. Then you notice there is someone on the stage. It is your guide. You feel the happiness and feeling of being at home that your guide brings you.

You move up to the stage and the Director lets you know they are holding the observer role for your journey. They hand you a bunch of roses. The scent from them is divine. You feel a calmness that you have never felt before exude from them. You feel like you understand the spirit of rose for the first time properly.

Your guide is preopccupied with trying to lift a trap door. You move over to help as do lots of stage crew members who suddenly appear. The door opens and you all spring back as you feel the floor move. A huge tree starts to grow upwards - much like the bean stalk from Jack and the Beanstalk. 

The tree stops growing - it is immense. Roots cover the stage now. It is the ground you are attracted to. The most amazing and enchanting lights come from beneath the root system. Your guide beckons to go down an opening which appears like a slide shoot entrance. The guide takes your hand.

Before you know it you are gliding down so fast and so deep. The guide is taking you into the depths of the lower world. 

Everything goes dark. You feel fear and you feel uncomfortable. You can hear crying and shouting and moaning. 

'Where are we?' you ask your guide. 'Some call it hell. Some call it prison.' your guide tells you. 'It is the place of power and freedom to those of us who understand its true nature.'

You feel calmer hearing your guide speak. You also notice that you have the roses in your left hand. 

You count them. There are 3.

'What shall I do?' you ask your guide. 
Your guide takes you through the darkness. It is a very misty and damp place. Your eyes begin to adjust. You realise it does look like a prison. There are lots of cells. You are taken to a wardrobe. There is a clanging noise from the wardrobe. The door opens. Inside hangs a cloak with a hood. It could be a cloak or a habit. It is grey and made of thick woven cotton. It is covered in blood stains and there are knives stuck in it which pin it to the back of the wardrobe. 

You feel really scared. But your guide tells you that you don't need to be scared. You have everything you need to free these knives and to heal these stories. The stories are of when something was not loved and when something killed to survive. You count the knives. There are 3.

You are to take a rose to each of the knives in turn. You will take a knife in your hand and each knife will lead you to a story. The rose will bring all the healing that is needed. The guide will show you the way. Whatever is needed will appear. When you come back after the journey with each knife the knife will be a knife for truth and for helping you. It will be in a beautiful holder and you can take it with you. When each of the knife journeys has been healed by the rose and whatever else comes, the cloak will drop from the back of the wardrobe, the noises will stop and ithe cloak will become new and the colour and the material that is right for you. You will put it on and the spirit of the sun will appear and crown you at this point. You will receive a message for the new year and you will deliver the message of what you want to plant for the seed of the new to the spirit of the sun. Then they will leave and you will come back to the stage with your guide. You wil meet the Director again and thank them for holding the observer role for you.

Spend 10 - 15 minutes in this journey. 

At the end of the journey, thank all of the guides of your inner theatre and the Winter solstice, wander back down the country lane and return to your room in everyday life.

Write down the journey notes and anything significant.
Take a blessing pot and post in the message for seed for the new and any other wishes for this night. 

Sleep with a bowl of water in your room and ask that your dreams bring further insight and healing. 

Let the sun spirit shine into your soul and ignite the light that is you and know that wherever you go this can begin to shine through for everyone. 

Blessings on your journey and your night.


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