It is fast approaching the end of Summer here in Scotland. There's a profound ripping feeling in the air. It feels like the earth is turning. I am holding the Wheel Foundation course sessions and check-ins by Skype. I am staggered once again by the feed back. Sometimes I dream of wiring all of these findings I make year by year into some kind of computer programme that can map and record the felt senses and trends of a people. It is like reading the interface between season and human. It is like listening to connection and influence. It is like seeing into the heart of how one nature directly affects another. It is like being in the field of love and belonging. It is such a gift of a place I have in my role here: a soul finger on the pulse of connectivity. Is this the impulse behind wanting to share the news of the world I wonder?

In the Celtic Medicine Wheel, Summer is Fire element and we work with sensing the passionate body. What comes up in this season is around connection and being able to move with what is true to us: following our internal drive. It is also about listening to ourselves, understanding our personalities and being able to assist, love, support and handle this fire that is our natural inclination to find nourishment and connect with what is meaningful for us. Every year I have held Wheel there has been a different focus on how fire shows itself as a medicine and a teacher. This year I am seeing how much fire helps us to move towards connection and the importance of closeness. How close can we actually get to this beautiful flame of creativity that we each are? How much can we cherish ourselves and bring in what is needed to be able to be fully at home in ourselves? And I wonder about coming home. Coming home to being the elements. Coming home to acceptance of ourselves and letting ourselves be how we are in order to be able to see where we can truly be. I feel this turning of the earth inside of myself and inside others.

Turning away from shyness. Turning towards the power that we are. Well that is the next element: Water and the journey of the Autumn. More about that next time.

But wouldn't it just be amazing if we could all just be here as we really are and not have to hide? As fire transforms it can burn through the shaping judgments too. There is so much we can transform in this build up to Autumn Equinox!

I am looking forward to this next week of Wheel and listening to and bearing witness to these amazing crafting souls on their journeys. I also have a very exciting weekend workshop ahead. From Friday to Sunday it is Shamanic Graduation for the completing 3 year Creative Shamanism practitioners.

This is the first group who have en mass gone through the training as a condensed and inclusive three year programme without a separate Foundation year. Along with Francesca Sanzari Green, they are the spark and the wonder of a new creative movement in Shamanism. They have been on a momentous journey and I am in awe of each of their professionalism, uniqueness, compassion, understanding, joy, commitment, authenticity, power to weave and ability to communicate the ways of the shaman in an honest, true and natural way. And I can tell you they each know the ways of initiation and can stick with the course no matter what because I have been at each their sides as they have been through it. These guys are immense. 

When I had the guidance and the push (thank you to my guides, to Sandra Ingerman and Isis) to really develop a curriculum for developing Creative Shamanism and find a way to allow people to express themselves uniquely and safely through this craft, I brought in everything I could, did extra training to make sure I was even more in a secure holding space for others, took on double supervision and followed my guidance and the guidance of my students all the way. In the end developing spirit-led culture has been, and always will be a collective enterprise. We are all guided together. It is through listening and moving with the intelligence of the earth and all of these elements of life that we are finding our way home.

I am so looking forward to officially holding space to welcome these people home truly to themselves in their shamanic practices this Saturday. The Creative Shamanism Practitioner Training has been the path to help to open up and shape each of their own knowings and it has provided a safe place to develop, but truly Shamanism is a path of following the calling of spirit. These practitioners are following this calling. They have crafted my soul with their callings and their spirits too. May they always feel the power of this and may they feel their shyness diminish to step confidently onto this path. Blessings will flow I know.

Penny Sinclair, Maureen Phillip, Rhonda McCrimmon, Roberta Weber, Paula Mac, Marian Laing you are here!


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