Practitioner Training - Second Year - Theatre of Light 2015

Practitioner Training - Second Year

  • 28 Oct - 1 Nov 2015 Restoring Soul
  • 14,15,16,17 January2016 Spiritual Light Healing and Transmutation
  • 10,11,12, 13 March 2016 The Light of Death, the Holding of Life
  • 24,25,26,27,28 August 2016 Body of Light: World Court

Theatre of Light teaches practices for helping to restore soul and clear programmes for individuals, families and communities to help life to move into a healthier, freeing and more fulfilling flow. Soul Retrieval, power retrieval, extraction, psychopomp work, healing with spiritual light, transmutation and transfiguration are some of the methods of practice you will cover here. I will also be teaching that these methods are not necessarily appropriately termed in our times and that Shamanic practice is shifting. You will be encouraged to be completely spirit led in how your practice develops but will have a palette with a wide spectrum of colours to play with and a creative tool box of inventive ideas and techniques to employ.


This year has proven to be a most magical experience in previous trainings as you witness one another emerge and your talents and preferences come to the surface. The subject of non competitive and mutually supportive community is brought in too. There is a great ego dismantling which accompanies the journey! You will also begin to understand more how healing is not so much about working with individuals but about healing the models and structures which hold us too.

Event Properties

Event Date Wednesday, 28 October 2015
Event End Date Sunday, 28 August 2016
Capacity 15
Available place 15
Individual Price £1,200.00
Location Kilgour house Falkland

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