Fire Walking

When we choose to walk on fire, we choose to say Yes! instead of No.

Choosing to take a step to walk on hot coals instead of the temperate surface of the earth illuminates just what a big deal the step from no to yes can be.

We can appreciate the psychic hold of our present limited belief system in the nervous anticipation of the real life step onto the path of passionate connection with the fire element! Fire walking shows us that miracles are possible. It is our fear that holds us back. It is our fear that keeps us in this restricted frame of who we believe ourselves to be.

When we find ourselves drawn to fire walking we are approaching our initiation with the fire-element. We reach out to a life directed by our passion and creativity and cleansed of fear and sabotaging beliefs. We join a group of other like-minded souls in a tender workshop. We appreciate what brought us to this point and evidently no longer serves us, we give ourselves permission to release those ways and now identify what truly makes us feel alive. Whether we choose to step across the coals tonight or be simply nourished by being a part of this beautiful ceremony, the results are touching and deeply transformational.

The little red drum holds a fire walk for the Beltaine and Celtic New Year festivals. They are enormously popular, fabulously fun and life is often never the same again afterwards!


Fire Walking




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