Fire Coaching Programmes

Personal coaching with Skype is one of the most powerful ways of working! It helps people so much to have a mentor helping them to ask the deeper questions about who they are and what they want from life.

It helps to have a practice to work with which supports release of the old and stepping into and embracing the new.

The coaching programs I run follow the cycles of the sun or the moon. You get an experiential taste of how the cycles support the healing processes.

There are lots of different ways in which you can set up a personal coaching scheme. If you are interested in one of the coaching programs please email me for the details and a list of questions to answer to help to focus your intention. I will have a look at your intention and create a package which will assist you to set the course. You then look at the brief to see if any adjustments are to be made. Payment is made once the project is set and the introductory literature will come to you.

The general coaching program sets you up with learning to journey. The Tree Sense coaching requires that you have already taken a course in journeying and are confident with your journeying techniques.


Fire Coaching Programmes

4 month Skype coaching

I am loving the Visionary coaching 4 month programme! If you would like to get into the practice and have an intention, then come and work with me by Skype and create a programme of healing and discovery just for you!

You can begin at any time!  The coaching can also be taken as the equivalent of one of the courses of two for the Foundation level trainings to be eligible for application for the Practitioner Training.

I generate a tailored course for you after asking you to describe your calling and your desire for study with me. You check it to make sure it fits before you pay.


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