Creative Shamanism

Creative Shamanism is a term I give to the way I understand and teach shamanism. Creativity is a flow of energy.

That is why these sections are in the area of water in the medicine here. Water flows, carries and cleanses, just like the shamanic practice. It is also soft and fluid and very powerful. It equates with compassion and the flow of unconditional love and freedom.

I stumbled upon shamanism as if by accident. Compelled to follow a path of play and creativity I was surprised at first that it was the door of shamanism I was led to. I spent a few minutes checking myself at the strength of the resonance shamanism seemed to have with art and creative flow. But then I just accepted the intuition that they were the same thing and nothing has held me back since. This was well over a decade ago now, many trainings and explorations have followed that moment! Naming Shamanism as the root practice of weaving a life of creativity and joy has given me the most fun, challenging, imaginative and healing map to play with. My passion is sharing this map with others and restoring a world of inter-connectedness, empowerment and respect for all living things.


Creative Shamanism

People ask me regularly what Shamanism is. It is a good question. Even though it is a tradition of enquiry and method that dates back tens of thousands of years and is known as the bedrock practice of all spiritual traditions and religions which have evolved in each continent of the world, save Antarctica, it doesn't have an easily graspable definition in today's culture which would land it in-keeping with the every-day practicality of its way of working.

Shamanism has zillions of ways of operating and expressing - it is creativity at work and play! But I think Shamanism can be best explained as an Aim. Shamanism as an aim is to restore the essential state and nature of all living things.

For a human working with shamanism, shamanism can best be reached as a way of being. It is a way of looking at life to be able to operate with life as a co-creator. Shamanism is like being a child who plays but who meanwhile holds the awareness of what we are engaging with so that play can key in with what is in place and create positive change and movement. The image of the clock maker and the turning cogs comes to mind when I am exploring analogy of the shaman. The shaman needs to know where the cogs are, and what makes them turn. They need to know also that they can find the link with the universal energy that creates movement in the first place and align with this with conviction and power. They also need to feel as an absolute that the most powerful influence of turning cogs is the life force and free will to return to ones own true preference and expression of any individual or organisation. This is what brings the authority to a healing. Therefore the shaman always works in service to listen to what is calling in any living being as their true expression and knows that their assignment is to aid empowerment and restore everything to its essential and simple way of being. The shaman has to get out of the way of any ideas about how things should be and listen to a deeper voice of knowing which we have come to call 'spirit'. The word shaman literally means 'he or she who knows'.

Shamanism is also to find a way of being both the player and the playwright. The shaman fluctuates between being asleep and unconscious in the play of life and then wakes up and becomes conscious again and learns how to rewrite the script. The shaman experiences this reality and then can switch to read the programmes that are behind creating this reality and co-create with them.


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