Movement of Soul

Movement of Soul is the name I give to the more theatrical parts of the shamanic practice. The School of Creative Shamanism works from the central ethos that if everything is listened to and included, healing flow happens.

If an intention is held that nothing needs to hide from shame or fear and everything is given a safe, unconditionally loving and non-judgmental world to come to for hearing and understanding, things can return to their natural true relaxed order.

Much of what we are doing in these times is learning how to create and bring into our societies environments which allow safe holding and healing. This means stepping out of the paradigm which perpetuates duality, ostracising and opposition and building laboratories of unconditional love for the untangling of difficult factions and the freeing of true dreams for the people and the planet.


Movement of Soul


This has been the focus of the theatre work I have been developing since 2008. Theatre is a space where these scripts can be brought to light and the healing power of the circle model of unconditional love and inclusion can unravel old programs and allow the movement of soul once more. I like to think of the these spaces as being like the original courts where the original courts were meeting places for the counsel of all beings: the humans, nature spirits, winds, rock spirits, fae etc to communicate. The medicine wheel is also the model of this court and balance is when all parts are listened to and included.

Movement of Soul has a few different projects running. There are Movement of Soul workshops which are shamanic constellation enquiries; The Theatre of Dragon Hill - a community project which operates at sites throughout Fife; The Movement of Soul Elemental Nature - workshops and trainings which help people to develop co-ceational relationships with all the members of the earth community in their locality and The Movement of Soul Circle of Light one to one therapy sessions.

Working with Templates of Wholeness - Constellating with Shamanism (online)

  • Commences March 27 2018

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