the theatre of dragon hill

the theatre of dragon hill was born in 2008. It is a healing art form where sites are visited, acknowledged and celebrated. It was gifted as a vision at a shamanic graduation ceremony. the little red drum has been holding events and little theatre happenings at many of the festivals and special times for the past 9 years.

Dragon line is the name given to an energy line which travels the surface of the earth. Another name for it is a ley line.



The vision Carol was given was her role as working with the mythological realms to bring healing on these levels through human realm interaction. Theatre was shown as a perfect way to play between the two. The dragons were instrumental in their role in ensuring healing energy flow through the meridians of the earth.

All land is a theatre with a host of archetypal strengths and imprints. A lot of land is waiting for its true purpose to be seen and acknowledged again. The theatre of dragon hill is a travelling theatre which listens to the land and its soul and memories and then brings healing spectacle and events to communities and the spirits of the place.

Dragon Hill is the old hill of Wormit, Fife. Wormit means the place of the dragon, serpent or worm. Events are held at the festivals and are advertised in the little red drum gallery and calendar web-pages.


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