Every shamanic practitioner and teacher too has their own different area of specialism. I prefer to call myself a shamanic educator because I like that the meaning of educate means 'to draw out'.

My specialism as a Shamanic educator is definitely to help draw out the gifts of an individual and listen for their calling. I spent years studying children and their ways and was especially inspired by 3 and 4 year olds. I would be fascinated by the preferences they showed. With my own children and then later with others I was lucky to be shown the role that nature and the elements had in keeping them opening and in an inspired state.



Therefore everything I hold with the little red drum has the intention of drawing out the essential true potential: Listening to the heart beat and giving it permission to play its own tune. The trainings that I hold support people to click back in with the natural way of things. To be honest, I don't actually know what shamanism is going to look like in the future. My responsibility as an educator is to encourage people to be as imaginative and creative as possible and to be led by spirit to find their ways. My reputation as a course writer and leader is that I am playful and kind. I am a trained counsellor and have 26 years of experience working in education and creativity.  My interest is in Circle and building models to support people to be themselves and to shine brightly with their innate talent.  I find you need to be very trusting in the process and be open-minded as a Shamanic Teacher or Educator to bring the best results for people. It is a wonderful thing to be constantly surprised and forever amazed at the effectiveness of this work.

The trainings that I hold really help people to go through a letting go of what holds them back and make a relationship with what they come to know as being spirit. From my own experience I know that Shamanic training takes time and is a process of initiation which has to be sensitively guided. For this reason I choose to hold 3 year trainings and take a small group through to give everyone the attention and holding they require.


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