Carol has the skill to unlock your inner creativity, to depths that you never thought would be possible. She gently guides you to the natural world, enabling you to see the world with new born eyes. Her enthusiasm for shamanism is contagious. A powerful, yet gentle teacher who listens intensely and allows you to just be!

francesca G, Auchterarder


I love working with Carol. She brings her whole self to the process and is a skilled and innovative shamanic practioner. Her quirky unique style helped me hugely in a one to one session when I was going through a period of massive internal change. I have also attended some group work with Carol, it is inspiring and informative, highly recommend.

maggie C, Perth


Carol’s workshops and training are amazing. I found the workshops and training I have attended a fantastic aid to self healing in a way I never thought was possible! In a short space of time they have turned my life around. For me personally, Creative Shamanism is transformative and life changing. Carol is an inspirational and supportive teacher who makes her transformational courses and workshops fun and informative. Quite the best thing I have ever done in my life.

maureen P, Perth


Carol, I count myself blessed for having you as my mentor for shamanic healing. All your teachings are presented in a very easy to understand manner. You always listen to everyone and you never bring any one down. Some people are frightened to voice their thoughts in case they are thought of as stupid, but you always give responses that make the apprentice think that they have said something very important. You have the wonderful ability to switch from very serious to lighthearted at exactly the right moment. I have loved every single moment of learning with you and look forward to the right time for furthering my teachings.

carol T, Markinch


Carol holds a clear, authentic space to enable participants to explore their own fields of healing in a workshop. She creates a personal experience of Shamanism and healing in a beautiful, peaceful setting. I am so grateful to be given the space to explore Shamanism where I am guided and supported on my path of direct revelation with gentle expertise.

rhonda M, Dundee



My heart and soul had become so disconnected from who I was and I was struggling to find a way of finding myself, I knew there was more to this lifetime and found myself searching for the missing parts of something but was unsure of what it was or how to find it. My soul searching led me to Carol and the little red drum. That was 4 years ago and as I write this I am at a loss for words to explain my journey so far as it goes way beyond words. Carol’s expert teachings have given me a space to find myself and connect with who I truly am. She has allowed me a way of moving forward with all the pieces that were missing and for this I am eternally grateful, complete and ready for the next step.

elaine G, Fife


The 6 months shamanic coaching with Carol and The Little Red Drum has been a time for me to allow my creativity to flow and become more mindful in how I live. The coaching material and 1:1 work through Skype was guided by my intentions and was very much in tune with where I was at in the process. Carol is a great listener, she works with integrity and is very compassionate and allowing towards the process. The program flowed and adjusted as we went along, still holding a safe structure for me to explore. My 6 month shamanic coaching program looked and sounded like me, it feels like my personal creation. I feel more connected with life and now have ways to seek for answers to my questions using my skills creatively and with confidence.

Thank you Carol and many blessings for the Little Red Drum!

aino L, Edinburgh


My experience of Carol and the work that she does in Circle of Light, is one of feelings of absolute holding and safety, allowing me to explore and drop into my world of healing, and being with my ancestors in a way that has helped me to connect with depth I did not know was possible. It is a magical experience I would recommend to anyone who has the soul of an adventurer; and we all have I think.

susan T, Edinburgh


Carol's classes and workshops are filled with fun, play, creativity and insight. As an artist, they have helped me to bring my own creative and spiritual practices into deeper alignment and also to explore the healing potential of drumming, art making and theatre work.

Through remote sessions, Carol has helped me to understand my recent illness as a beautiful and blessed opportunity for healing and growth.

And The Theatre of Dragon Hill is the most fun, original, exciting and necessary theatre project I've come across in my entire life!.

claire G, Fife


My first individual session with Carol was the beginning of a wonderful journey into a deeper understanding of shamanism.

Studying for the Foundation year was one of the happiest, healthiest years of my life!

Carol glows with positivity and is such a supportive guide and teacher.

Working with the little red drum gave me the sense of connection which I had been searching for.

angela D, Fife


We've been fortunate enough to experience Carol's 'Rites of Passage' evenings, & her 'Medicine for the Earth/Body of Light' course, & her 'Medicine Wheel' course in the rural Kilgour House. We have attended various courses in the U.K. in the last twenty years, & can say that Carol Day is the most enthusiastic & encouraging Educator we've ever met, we are only sorry that age & location limit our attendance at her courses. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn in a supporting atmosphere.

trisha and bob Y, Thurston, East Lothian



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